Sunday, July 21, 2013

Second Day of Fence Building

Day two of fence building. Hailey started out sanding some of the filler Mike put on one of the 4 by 4's. She sure did like to learn about all the new tools. She was so handy.
Here she is figuring out how to change the battery in her favorite tool of all.
Both of them so hard at work
On to the painting part.
Yup, you can tell she painted.
They are so proud of their hard work
Rufus checking it out.
The best part of both days...ICE CREAM TREATS when we finished.

We are starting a new tradition in the Lady Lounge. Anyone that visits or helps in the garden can pick a rock and sign it with anything they want to say. Here is the first rock and what Hailey put on hers. Then we will add it to the big glass jar.
She added all the tools she used and her name and date.


Sandy Daron said...

Your daughter is beautiful!! AWEsome job!

Can you please provide where you got the awesome topsey, turvey metal planter?



Connie Bennett said...

Would like information on how you made the galvanized pot stand. It's beautiful. Please send info to: Thanks!

Jade Graham said...

The perfect example of a narrow potting shed is at my friend Lucy's garden.
It's covered with a clear, plastic greenhouse roof so that there's plenty of light
and so that everything stays fence