Friday, July 5, 2013

Hose Rug

My hose rug I made from old hoses and a large bag of black zip ties 
I started on the ground zipping my hoses together. I started with 31 inch long hose and started to bend it around and around.

I  quickly decided to do it on a table. I can't sit on the ground like I used to when I was younger  

Cut one hose and added another one in a different color. I also found not to pull the zip tie to tight. Just enough to hold the hose securely to the previous row. I didn't measure how far apart I placed the ties, I just placed them were I thought it needed to be held to the previous row. I would say the average is about 4 inch apart.

Break time..need food! After all, it is the 4th of July

Had to move to a bigger table. You may want to start with a larger table to begin with. You can see hubby working on his table he tiled in the background.  I will share his work in a later post.

Look at all those ends

Break time (this is taking longer then I thought it would, lucky it is so nice outside and it's a relaxing task) For those asking if it's hard on your hands...not at all. But using a needle nose pliers even makes it easier.

Finished up, but to dark to clip the ends or even get a good picture. Just in time for the fireworks. 

Next day..Mike clipped all the ends. 

Love the way it turned out and it feels like walking on crocs. I may have used more zip ties then needed.  But I figured if some broke it would not make a difference. I used four different hoses. The end size is 61" by 35" I think I may even make a round one when I get some more old hoses.


Karen Hackett said...

What a great way to use old garden hoses!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Especially the narrative and photos!

Raggedy Princess said...

How sweet! A friend sent me the link to your pic on Pinterest, but it is more your blog entry about creating it that makes me wish I knew your personally! Thank you so much for posting such a fun event. :-) Even though it is hot here, I just happen to have some old hoses around. I just have to go get the Seagram's. :-)

Anonymous said...

fun awesome idea

Ann said...

You have to have the Seagrams Raggedy Princess. It's an important part of the process...LOL

Tam's Life said...

Wonderful Ideal!

Anonymous said...

Im gonna hit my friends up for some old hoses and make this unique rug. Thank you for sharing.

Jeannie said...

Amazing! I'd like to know how the zip ties have held up once they were clipped.

Keeping My Cents said...

So creative. Love it!