Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fencing in the side yard to keep Puppy Safe

This is the side of the yard Rufus likes to escape from. Mike and my brother helped remove a deck around a pool my friend was removing. (Thanks Cindy)  We are going to re-use the railing to keep him in the backyard 
This is Hailey,  a little helper we had today. 

First thing is to remove some tall grass so we can start the railing where our regular fence ends.
Hailey took a wood working class in summer school and she learned an important lesson. Measure twice cut once. 
Once measured and marked she got to work. She had to cut all the ends off
Yup, she even has a butt crack as she works. 
She really liked using my new drill. It was a perfect size for her. 
On to the next section. Using a sledge hammer to pound in 4 by 4 anchor. She is so happy to learn about the next new tool she got to use. 
Learning how to use the level to make sure Mike is getting it right. Tomorrow is painting day.

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