Sunday, April 13, 2014

Miss Sugar Tin Lizzy

Meet Miss Sugar Tin Lizzy...I had so much fun making her. It all started after seeing a stack of pans in my glass studio..and I thought...that looks like a metal petticoat...thus the process started and she was born! Her first name is Sugar, because it is printed on her back...her body is made from a sugar canister. This is not so much a tutorial but pictures as she was created.  If anyone makes one..please share your pics...I would love to add them to the blog to show off your work also. Of course I will give you full credit. Email pic to

Miss Sugar Tin Lizzy
 Some of the parts we used..(we did not use the items in the box)
 HEAD: These four pieces are bolted together using a threaded rod.
HAT: The top of her hat is glued using E6000 glue
HAIR: I used small springs I got off of a old bed spring I took apart.
EYES: Teal gems and small forks curled for her eyelashes
BODY: Canister and pipes and elbow pieces I got at Home Depot (by the water pipes) 
 HANDS: Used forks for her hands
HANDS: Curled her fingers to hold her flowers. 
LEGS: We used these to secure the legs to the bottom pan and the platter we used for a stand. I don't know what they are called but we found them by the conduit at Home Depot.  (we drilled the hole in them)
Here they are attached to the pan. The conduit we used for legs slide over these and holds them very tightly.
 We used threaded rod, washers and locking nuts to put the pans together
Here she is half way done.
 SHOES: Small ladles with handles cut off. We glued these to the platter using E6000.
She ended up being just over 34 inches tall. We thought she needed some reinforcement. We added a stake to her backside to to help her stay nice and straight. 


Debbie Harbin said...

So adorable!!!!

Malinda said...

Is she for sale?