Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tipsy Buckets

This is a Tipsy Bucket display I made using wash tubs I got from my Mother-in-law while getting her house ready for her estate sale. I love that they have history and now found a new life in my garden. The watering can I got at a rummage sale. 

Assorted sizes of buckets and watering can. Mike used conduit, hammered deep into the ground.

He then drilled holes into the buckets once I decided how I wanted it to sit on the pole. He then threaded the next tub on and did the same thing. He then screwed the two tubs together.
I used pot liners to help hold in the soil. Next year I am going to have Mike wire some chicken wire half way up the opening to hold the liners in better.

These were a clusters of grapes I got from a resale store for 25 cent. Took them apart and threaded them onto some fish line. Lucky for me the spout was broken so it was easy to thread and knot them into the spout. I then used a small dowel to hold the spout onto the watering can. I think I am going to enjoy picking out new flowers each year to fill these tubs and will be a living memory of my Mother-in-law. She loved seeing the picture of what I did with them.

Update: After using it for the first year, I decided that I needed something to help hold the coconut liner in. I had Mike secure some chicken wire to the front of the tubs half way up with some screws. I decided on planting some inpatients in it this year (2013) because our tree is getting bigger so I have more shade now.  


Bls54813 said...

Very nice looking. Great job.

Trisha said...

Love this idea! Gorgeous!