Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thistledown, Bonduel, WI

Oh my, someone is living my dream..... Thistledown Greenhouse.
John and Lori Nero
W5039 Landstad Rd.Bonduel, WI 54107
Business Phone: (715)758-6388
E-mail address: thistledown@granitewave.com

There is so much to experience and learn from this place. I will be making another visit to this greenhouse as the season progresses. I posted a lot of pictures. (to get a better look, I encourage you to click on the pictures to see a larger version) It is hard to place into words how happy I was finding a place like this. It is a gem for the gardener at heart. A diamond in the rough.

This is not your ordinary greenhouse. We were surprised by a colorful peacock walking across the gravel driveway.

We parked and we were quickly greeted by two very friendly greeters, that were happy to see us. I think if I would have let them, they would have planted a few very wet kisses on me.

As we enter the main greenhouse, again we are greeted by some very colorful greeters. I am sure they feel like they have to compete with all the color these plastic walls contain. A feast for the eye, as well as the soul.

They have a very extensive collection of colorful succulents. A wide selection of miniature plants and bloomers for Faerie Gardens or small spaces.

I think I just found a new hobby, for the long cold winter months here. I have had a doll house in my attic for many many years. I think I just may have to get it out and use it for part of a display. But instead of focusing on the miniatures inside the dollhouse I will focus on the outside. Better yet, maybe I can turn it into my own miniature dream house with a greenhouse.

Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares aboutdoing it right, or doing it better. - John Updike

Fairy and dish garden items.
One of our new friends finding a spot of shade for a little nap time.

A little fairy garden! Awesome Idea!!!
Each garden has its own surprise.- Susan Allen Toth

Making the simple complex is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.- Charles Mingus


Anonymous said...

Ann...I loved your pictures of Thistledown gardens! Our garden club is going there on June 13 and I just can't wait! What an enchanting place! I am a great fan of hypertufa pots and make them for my collection of hen and chicks etc. Thank you for sharing them with us. My day is brightened and spring WILL come!!

DebraD said...

Your photos are lovely! I plan to experience it firsthand this summer.