Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

We decided to give Mom another flowerbed for her birthday. She always says she doesn't need anything, but who can't use a nice place to sit on a swing and enjoy a pretty view. She purchased a really nice butterfly girl statue and I thought she needed some place special to show her off. Last year John and I added a garden on the side of the house for her birthday. I told Mom if she lives a long life, her backyard will look like mine, if John and I keep adding a flower bed for her birthday each year. It also is a good way to use some of my over stock on flowers.
John and Dan filling the wheel barrel with compost.

John taking a break.

John doing a little trimming before we add the cocoa shells.

Mom said we did't have to take the stone out of the bed by the garage. She left to go to Home Depot and while she was there John and I removed the stone. We didn't like the way it looked with stone in one bed and cocoa shells in the bed we added.
Finished bed!!!

This is the flower bed we did on the side of her house last year. It filled in rather nicely this year.

The best things that can come out of the garden, are gifts for other people.- Jamie Jobb

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Anonymous said...

You do such beautiful work, Anne! I Love the Angel girl! -Donna Glaser-

I would love to have help with my garden!