Sunday, December 6, 2015

Isabella our Christmas Tree Lady

I started with a mannequin purchased at Restore for $45, a artificial tree (free)
and a roll of chicken wire. Her beautiful gold top was purchased at Goodwill for $3.99

 I measured then length I wanted and cut four pieces out of the chicken wire.  Then I folded the wire as showed above. Then I used small clear zip ties to attach them to each other to form a full skirt.
 Added the 4 piece skirt to the mannequin
 I just started adding branches to the chicken wire. I actually used black zip ties to secure them to the wire, just in case my cat decided to climb her.
 All filled in.
 Added lighs
 She fits nicely in our living room
 And a bow to finish off the skirt.
 I used a small wreath I picked up at Goodwill and just starting sticking greens, branches, ribbon and ornaments to fill it out.

 I think I like her better without the lights. Next year I will not add them.

She fits right into the living room. The best part, the cat has not gone near it.


Cheryl Salvato said...

Fantastic job of recycling. She is fabulous.

Gaga Linda said...