Monday, February 10, 2014

Mini Greenhouse to hold a Fairy Garden

I wanted to make a mini greenhouse, I found these from our local Habitat ReStore.  What I didn't know is that Fairy Gardens would become so popular. So I thought I would combine the two into one project. Once winter is over (which can't be soon enough) this will be moved outside and a magical fairy garden will be planted inside of it. It will also serve a nice surprise to the many visitors we are expecting this year, as we are part of the Garden Walk.
Started with 6 windows the same size
Metal piece I got at a resale store for $3.00
I got this at a resale store for $3.00
Plastic Fence Edging (pkg of 4 for $8 at Big Lots)
Table Legs from Habitat ReStore
Goodwill Plastic piece for $2.99
 Hubby started by cutting the windows down a little. One side was a little thicker and it had a ridge on it. He used the table saw and evened things out. He then used hinges (from Habitat ReStore also)  to put them together. On the side that will be opened he used four because of the weight of the window.
He added some 2x4's to the inside to have something to hold the tray...and to secure the legs to. He then added the windows to the top using hinges again.
He cut two pieces to cover the front. He left a space so there would be some ventilation. He added the legs and also some wood sides to make it a little more sturdy and to add a place where some bling can be added. 
 I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color Provence. I then dry brushed the details using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color Old White. I have had very good luck using this paint outdoors. I love the way all those plastic pieces look like craved wood once its all painted the same color of the greenhouse. The edging pieces were cut down to fit the sides.
 The tray was the most costly part of this whole project. Hubby had to buy the wood. He also used fiberglass to coat the inside and drilled drainage holes. The total cost was just over $30, well worth it, because it should last for many years.

This is the only picture I got. I will update with a completed picture once we get it outside and planted. He painted the inside white. I still want to make some kind of chandelier to hang on the inside with a solar light in it.   Come ON SPRING!!!


Mary Hysong said...

Beautiful and very inspiring!

nadia petrov said...

Thanks so much for the cold frame design and all the helpful ideas that go with it. Your plan has been downloaded and I am hoping to get something put together this summer....we'll see how it goes.

You have some wonderful garden ideas and advice. Thanks for sharing!