Thursday, October 11, 2012

Painting Pumpkin Faces

It's that time of year again. This is my FAVORITE holiday of them all. I usually do scary..but I have to always make a few "funky" pumpkins also.


Black Sharpie/Marker
Paper Towels

Paint Eyes
Paint eyes using the white paint. Use circles and can place them close together or further apart.

Paint Nose

Paint the nose using different color paints. You can paint any shape you like here. Be creative.

Paint Eye Color
Give you pumpkin some colored eyes. Place them on the placement will give your pumpkin a different personality

Add Black Eyeball
Next paint the black part of the eyeball.

Let's move onto the mouth. I usually draw a very wavy line, then I go over that line with up and down lines over that line. I hope you understand. But you can do any kind of mouth you want. Then I add the teeth and paint them white.

Back to the eyes now...while the teeth dry. I add some white circles..I also drag the white paint using the other end of the paint brush to add some sparkles to their eyes.

Then I want to give them some color in their cheeks. So I use a piece of paper towel and rub some pink paint into the pumpkin. This gives a more muted look. I will outline this area when I start to doodle.

Now I place a fan on them and let them dry really good..because next is the doodling step...MY FAVORITE PART!!!

OK, the FUN STEP!!! I use a black sharpie and outline everything I painted. I use dots and dashes and hash lines to do this. There are no rules, and don't be to perfect...just have fun with it. Add dots to areas that look empty. I also outline their cheeks doing this. Add some eyelashes and eyebrows as you see fit.  After it is all dry, I do give it a clear coat over the whole face. Now if anyone does this..please post pics..I wanna see.

Happy Halloween!!!


Jeannie said...

Great step by step instructions.

Jeannie said...
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Summer (aka Omar and Summa) said...

1518Thank you for such great instructions! I followed them exactly and now have an adorable pumpkin everyone in the house loves!
I'm going to use this process with a youth group tonight- I'm sure they'll love it too.

Ann said...

Oh Summer I would love to see a picture of your pumpkins. If you would like to post a pic on my Facebook page...that would be awesome.